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Working Papers Available:

  Capital Expenditures, Asset Dispositions, and the Real Estate Cycle
Brent Ambrose and Eva Steiner — Published 2017
  Should I AirBNB my Property?: A Comparison of Returns on Short- and Long-term Urban Rentals
Andy Krause and Gideon Aschwanden — Published 2017
  Real Estate Portfolio Diversification and the Cost of Debt: Evidence from REIT Mortgages, Bank Loans, and Bonds
Piet Eicholtz, Irem Demirci, and Erkan Yonder — Published 2017
  Benchmarking Local Private Commercial Real Estate Returns: Statistics Meets Economics
Liang Peng — Published 2017
  Value Investment Strategies for Commercial Real Estate
David Downs, Eli Beracha, and Greg MacKinnon — Published 2017
  Structure Depreciation and Real Estate Returns
Jiro Yoshida — Published 2017
  Whose Skin Is It? Examining the Role of Risk Retention in CMBS Markets
Tony Ciochetti and Carl Larsson — Published 2017
  Price Dynamics of Different Price Segments in Commercial Real Estate
David Geltner and Alex van de Minne — Published 2017
  A New Method to Estimate Risk and Return of Commercial Real Estate Assets from Cash Flows: The Case of Open-End (Diversified) Core Private Equity Real Estate Funds
Jin Man Lee, James D. Shilling, and Charles Wurtzbach — Published 2016
  Which Factors Determine Liquidity Across the U.S. Metropolitan Real Estate Markets?
Steven Devaney, Pat McAllister, Anupam Nanda — Published 2016
  Asset Growth and Stock Performance: Evidence from REITs
David Ling, Joseph Ooi, Ruoran Xu — Published 2016
  Risk and Information Tranching, Security Governance, And Incentive Compatible Capital Structure Design
Timothy Riddiough, Jun Zhu — Published 2016
  Efficient Capital Market with Predictable Asset Returns: Evidence from Private Commercial Real Estate Investments
Liang Peng — Published 2016
  Real Estate Holdings of Public Firms and Collateral Discounts
Irem Demirci, Umit G. Gurun, Erkan Yonder — Published 2016
  Can Competition Improve Credit Ratings? Evidence from the CMBS Market
Sean J. Flynn, Andra C. Ghent — Published 2015
  The Credit Availability Component of Commercial Real Estate Prices
Jonathan A. Wiley — Published 2015
  Does Foreign Investment Affect US Office Real Estate Prices?
Anupam Nanda, Pat McCallister — Published 2015
  Fundamental Drivers of Dependence in Real Estate Returns
Eva Steiner, Jamie Alcock — Published 2015
  The Economic Foundations of Regional Real Estate Markets: An Equity Markets Approach
Marc W. Simpson — Published 2015
  An Information-based Pricing Factor in International Commercial Real Estate Markets
Roland Fuess, Daniel Ruf — Published 2015
  Impact of Large Investors in Distressed Housing Markets
Abdullah Yavas, Ronald Rutherford, Jessica Rutherford, Marc "Tim" Allen — Published 2015
  Optimal Capital Structure and the Effects of Deviations from Target Leverage on REIT Return Performance
Emanuela Giacomini, David C. Ling, Andy Naranjo — Published 2015
  Default Risk of Securitized Commercial Mortgages: Do Sustainability Property Features Matter?
Xudong An, Gary Pivo — Published 2015
  Inflation Uncertainty and Real Estate
Lingxiao Li, Timothy Riddiough — Published 2014
  How is Leverage Determined for Commercial Real Estate?
Liang Peng — Published 2014
  The Cross Section of Expected Real Estate Returns: Insights from Investment-Based Asset Pricing
Shaun Bond, Chen Xue — Published 2014
  The Extensive Margin of Credit, Housing Markets and the Tradeoff between Financial Stability and Homeownership
Pedro Gete — Published 2014
  Commonality in Liquidity and Real Estate Securities
Martin Hoesli, Anjeza Kadilli ,Kustrim Reka — Published 2014
  Lender Expectations and Real Estate Dynamics
Natalie Tiernan — Published 2014
  The Upgrade and Downgrade of CMBS Credit Ratings
Xudong An, Joseph Nichols — Published 2014
  Overconfidence and Corporate Decision Making: Evidence from REIT Property Transactions
Piet Eichholtz, Erkan Yonder — Published 2014
  Search Costs, Behavioral Biases, and Information Intermediary Effects
David Ling, Andy Naranjo, Milena Petrova — Published 2013
  Finding Cap Rates: A Property Level Analysis of Commercial Real Estate Pricing
Liang Peng — Published 2013
  Contagion Channels Between Real Estate and Financial Markets
Martin Hoesli, Kustrim Reka — Published 2013
  The Value of Active Management in the Commercial Real Estate Market: Evidence from Holdings and Trades
Yael V. Hochberg, Tobias Muhlhofer — Published 2013
  Illiquidity Measures and the Pricing Implication in Commercial Real Estate
Peng (Peter) Liu, Wenlan Qian — Published 2013
  Product Market Competition, Real Estate and Stock Returns
Moussa Diop — Published 2013
  Real Estate Risk and Hedge Fund Returns
Walter D'Lima, Charles Cao, Brent W. Ambrose — Published 2013
  Commercial Real Estate: Underwriting, Mortgages, and Prices
James A. Wilcox — Published 2012
  Corporate Investment in Commercial Real Estate with Costly Reversibility
Jonathan Wiley — Published 2012
  Governance and Design of Structured Securities: Theory and Evidence
Timothy J. Riddiough, Jun Zhu — Published 2012
  Performance of LEED-Existing Buildings Before and After their Certification
James A. Wilcox, Sofia Dermisi — Published 2012
  Residential Relocation Decisions: The Role of Neighborhood Housing Characteristics
Kwan Ok Lee — Published 2012
  The Determinants of REIT Volatility
Lingxiao Li — Published 2012
  The Spill-Over Impact of Liquidity Shocks in the Commercial Real Estate Market
Brent W. Ambrose, Sun Young Park — Published 2012
  Value Added From Money Managers in Private Markets? An Examination of Pension Fund Investments in Real Estate
Aleksandar Andonov, Piet Eichholtz, Nils Kok — Published 2012
  Commercial Real Estate Rental Index: A Dynamic Panel Data Model Estimation
Xudong An, Yongheng Deng, Jeffrey D. Fisher — Published 2011
  Executive Compensation and Debt Structure of REITs (Dissertation)
Ying Li — Published 2011
  Exploiting Property Characteristics in Commercial Real Estate Portfolio Allocation
Alberto Plazzi, Walter Torous, Rossen Valkanov — Published 2011
  Funding Constraints and Commercial Real Estate Pricing Spirals
David C. Ling, Andy Naranjo, Benjamin Scheick — Published 2011
  How Accurate Are Commercial Real Estate Appraisals? Evidence from 30 Years of NCREIF Sales Data
Susanne Ethridge Cannon, Rebel A. Cole — Published 2011
  Interest Rate and Investment under Uncertainty: Evidence from Commercial Real Estate Capital Expenditures
Liang Peng, Thomas G. Thibodeau — Published 2011
  Market Timing and Investment Selection: Evidence from Real Estate Investors
Yael V. Hochberg, Tobias Muhlhofer — Published 2011
  Collateral and Debt Capacity in the Optimal Capital Structure
Erasmo Giambona, Timothy J. Riddiough, Antonio Mello — Published 2010
  Investor Sentiment and Asset Pricing in Public and Private Markets
David C. Ling, Andy Naranjo, Benjamin Scheick — Published 2010
  Is Value-Added and Opportunistic Real Estate Investing Beneficial? If So, Why?
James D. Shilling, Charles Wurtzebach — Published 2010
  Loss Aversion and Anchoring in Commercial Real Estate Pricing: Empirical Evidence and Price Index Implications
David M. Geltner, Sheharyar Bokhari — Published 2010
  Risk and Returns of Commercial Real Estate: A Property Level Analysis
Liang Peng — Published 2010
  The Returns of Private and Public Real Estate
Sheidan D Titman, Christian Tiu, Murray Carlson — Published 2010


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