Funded Research

2016 Research

The following research was funded in 2016 and will be presented at the 2017 Research Conference:

Capital Expenditures, Asset Dispositions, and the Real Estate Cycle
Brent Ambrose
Eva Steiner

Should I AirBNB my property?: A comparison of returns on short- and long-term urban rentals
Andy Krause
Gideon Aschwanden

Real Estate Portfolio Diversification and the Cost of Debt: Evidence from REIT Mortgages, Bank Loans, and Bonds
Piet Eicholtz
Irem Demirci
Erkan Yonder

Benchmarking Local Private Commercial Real Estate Returns: Statistics Meets Economics
Liang Peng

Value and Momentum: Investment Strategies
David Downs
Eli Beracha
Chintal Desai
Greg MacKinnon

Structure Depreciation and Real Estate Returns
Jiro Yoshida

Whose Skin Is It? Examining the Role of Risk Retention in CMBS Markets
Tony Ciochetti
Carl Larsson

Price Dynamics of Different Price Segments in Commercial Real Estate
David Geltner
Alex Van de Minne

Distance, Scale, and Sustainability in Real Estate Performance
Rogier Holtermans, Dissertation


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