2016 Research Conference

The following research was funded in 2015 and presented at the 2016 Research Conference:

Which Factors Determine Liquidity Across the U.S. Metropolitan Real Estate Markets?
Steven Devaney
Pat McAllister
Anupam Nanda

A New Method to Estimate Risk and Return of Commercial Real Estate Assets from Cash Flows: The Case of Private Equity Real Estate Funds
Jin Lee
James Shilling
Charles Wurtzebach

Asset Growth and Stock Performance: Evidence from REITs
David Ling
Joseph Ooi
Ruoran Xu

Risk and Information Tranching, Security Governance, And Incentive Compatible Capital Structure Design
Timothy Riddiough
Jun Zhu

Efficient Capital Market with Predictable Asset Returns: Evidence from Private Commercial Real Estate Investments
Liang Peng

Real Estate Holdings of Public Firms and Collateral Discounts
Irem Demirci
Umit G. Gurun
Erkan Yonder


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